If you are here, that’s mean you purchased a product which is distributed throw out private GitHub repositories system.


Join Repository

Now you can get instant updates for some of our products by connecting to our private repositories. To join the repository go to Licenses page and check the license details section.

Repository button.

Be sure your GitHub account is connected to Nextpost.tech, if you will need to do that, you will be prompted to do that by following button:

Once you clicked on Join Repository button GitHub system will send you invite from our team. Please check your email for invite link.

Good to know that your repository access limited to your license length. If your license will expire, you will be removed from repository by Nextpost.tech system, if you will renew your license our system will invite you again.

If you will need to add more collaborators to repository, please contact us, we will add your team members also. This feature is disabled by default in security reasons. We may ask you some questions about your team to be sure following peoples are really working with you.

Download Product

Various of our products have different options to keep them updated. Our API products can be updated using composer, products like Reactions Pro module, require a manual file download and re-upload.

To download ZIP file with product open a private repository. To find repository link go to Licenses page and check the license details section.

Once you joined the repository, find green button Code and click on that button, im prompt click on Download ZIP button.