Photo Support in Welcome DM

Photo Welcome DM, automatically send a message and a photo to new followers.
Introductory price for the first two weeks only.

Demo video


Ever wished you could welcome your new followers, not only with a snappy text, but also with a photo?
Show your creativity right from the start?

With this modification to the original Nextpost Welcome DM module you can!

Upload photos from your computer, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, or directly from the web, select one (or more) and let the script work.

Note: this is a modification. You need to have the original Nexpost welcome DM installed.


– Does this work without the original Nextpost WelcomeDM module?
No. You need to first install the original module (if you haven’t yet), then you can apply the modifications outlined.

– Does this interfere with module x,y,z?
Very unlikely. If your normal WelcomeDM works, this should work, too. If you run into trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected] The only modification that I’ve found has an impact is Ivan’s Emoji update. If you have that, please follow the optional instructions.

– Why is this a modification and not a stand-alone module?
Nearly all the functionality happens in the WelcomeDM plugin directory. There are no other modifications to it that I’m aware of, so I could have simply replaced the files in those directories, and I will do that at a later point in time.

There are two reasons why I haven’t done it yet:

1) for the OneDrive integration to work in the Filemanager widget, an additional .html is necessary, the call-back URL needs to be changed in and the main core.js needs to be patched. That is something that requires manual interactions anyway.

2) the functionality will be quickly expanded in the next couple of weeks, and the first users will be the usual gurus anyway, so I’d like to keep it flexible for now.

– And if I don’t want to play around with patching files and entering SQL?
I offer an installation service for 30$, please contact me via [email protected] But it’s really very easy….

– Which speed should I choose? It really depends on your account and the server setup, but if you want to make sure all your new followers get a welcome DM, do the math: if you have 50 new followers a day, and your account operates for 10 hours, you need the “fast” speed, if you have less followers, you can get away with setting it to medium or slow.

– Can I always send the same text and photo?
Of course you can, just select only one photo and one message, then save. However, I would at least recommend to use some spintax and not always send the exact same welcome message. Think about it: if you would do it by hand, would you always write the exact same thing?

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  • Send welcome DM to new followers with a photo
  • Can be always the same photo or one of a few you select
  • Uses the same file manager you know from the POST page
  • Photos can be uploaded from PC, web or cloud services