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What is Growth Beast?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that starting from scratch is not an easy thing. Have you been looking for a solution to your social media marketing needs? We have the answer – Growth Beast.

The Growth Beast AI system is optimized to help you grow your following on Instagram as well as keeping your engagement rate high. With Growth Beast, all you have to do is set the parameters of who you want to follow and sit back while the hands-free automation handles everything else!

Whether you want a targeted approach or wide coverage across the entire platform, this software makes it effortless to grow followers and engagement by analyzing target user accounts based on who they follow/comment on.


Growth Beast offer 2 paid plans that will certainly match your needs and guarantee your growth on social media:

3 Day Trial
  • Free
  • Limited actions per day
Monthly plan
  • 5 per month
  • Full features
Annual plan
  • 50 per year
  • Full features

Whether it is understanding how successful certain updates were on performance metrics, refining target, or analyzing your competition, Growth Beast is simply the best AI system made for your niche and audience.

How GrowBeast is Different?

Target Instagram Users

Growth Beast allows you to automatically follow users who may be your target audience with just a few clicks. Select any number of accounts that match your requirements, and follow these accounts automatically to grow your audience and engagement rates.

With this nifty tool, you can follow any user, use their followers to grow as well as finding new potential users who comment or like their posts.

Growth Beast is perfect for those with a tight budget that want a great return on investment! 100% guaranteed success, just give it a try.

Target Specific Hashtags

Find and select the best hashtags you rank with and let our AI system like the posts for you to gain visibility on Instagram. This not only lets you focus on other important tasks but lift a heavy weight off of your shoulders while getting popular on the platform.

Growth Beast is a fast, dependable optimization tool designed to increase engagement by personalizing content based on the hashtags you are on right now. You can use Growth Beast just about anywhere across any device. The simple-to-use dashboard will enhance your posts with the data of new users who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Export And Import Targets

Do you want to increase your revenue? Growth Beast is the app that will help you create an everlasting growth cycle. With Growth Beast, you can quickly analyze user data to identify things influencing the speed of your company’s growth.

Import and export data in order to analyze your competition and see what works best on your niche to further grow your profile.

Not Convinced Yet? Give Our 3-day FREE Trial a Try

Growth Beast helps you grow your audience and get more followers. With our powerful AI system, you can target just about anything: people who like posts made by your desired target, any number of specific accounts, or individual users.

You’ll also get to import and export data to maximise your chances of ranking and getting on the Instagram™ Explore page to further expand your community.

Free Download

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3 Day Trial
  • Follow Instagram Users
  • Like Instagram Users
  • Chrome, Mozilla and Opera browsers supported
  • Target Instagram Users
  • Target Specific Hashtags
  • Export And Import Targets
  • Use your own IP address (safer!)
  • Runs on your browser
  • Don’t share your password (We don’t collect personal data)
  • Randomized Delays for increased security
  • Advanced Filters to follow the right accounts
  • Visual feedback (see what’s going on in real-time)