Digital Guide: How to Update API to latest version (17-12-2018) + modified files

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Nexpost Instagram API files (originally created by @mgp25) not updated since Jun 27, 2018.

We updated all files step-by-step and already tested this update one month. All works well.

This is the only digital guide, not an API access, of course, you can download latest API build on GitHub (@mgp25). But you should know, that original Nextpost developer modified all API files for their own needs and if you just updated API files you will get a lot of errors and bugs. This guide just saves your time for that task.

Build: Dec 17, 2018.

Included (5)

  • Really easy implementation, because all hard work we already did in the back-end
  • Digital Instruction for Nextpost Instagram API Update;
  • Modified files for Nextpost Instagram API;
  • Compatibility with Nextpost 4.0 and higher;
  • Compatibility with Nextpost Tag User Module (by

Not included (2)

  • Fix for re-login, checkpoint, etc – because it’s proxy problem and solved with mobile proxies (know more about that);
  • New functions for front-end, this is just back-end update.


Q: What features implemented by @mgp25 in latest API build?

A: A lot of new features, fixes and updates.

  • Timeline: Add missing params to feed/timeline/ endpoint;
  • FFmpeg: Use a threshold when cutting too long videos;
  • Client: Force cURL to reopen a connection when network settings change;
  • Direct: Update thread item model;
  • Story: Get poll voters (A new function that lets the user owning a story poll to get it results filtered by the voting option.);
  • Response: Update various models and responses;
  • Instagram: Remove duplicate _setUserWithoutPassword() calls;
  • Exceptions: Add ConsentRequiredException;
  • People: Turn on/off story notifications;
  • Internal: Adds option to set audio muted in Timeline videos;
  • Hashtag: Add hashtags from tabs feature;
  • Hashtag: Added pagination for getSection();
  • Business: Switch between personal and business profiles;
  • Instagram TV;
  • Internal: Show an error from the last configuration attempt;
  • Internal: Get audio muted flag from the internal metadata;
  • Highlight: Fixes request params;
  • Business: Update getStatistics();
  • Models: Update Insights;
  • Instagram: Fix 2factor login parameters;
  • Internal: Workaround for missing GLOB_BRACE;
  • Login & 2FA Login: Add missing post params;
  • People: new function markUserOverage();
  • Composer: Require the BC Math extension;
  • Instagram: Document that email&phone aren’t allowed in 2factor;
  • Account: Update getCurrentUser() post params;
  • Update Models and Responses;
  • Hashtag: Update getSection() post params;
  • Media: New fuction getPermalink();
  • New feature: Shopping and Products;
  • Update FBSearchResponse Response and Models;
  • Hashtag: Added new function to get stories related to hashtags;
  • Update Constants to;
  • Update responses and models;
  • People: New function getAccountDetails();
  • Updates MediaInsightsResponse;
  • Update finishTwoFactorLogin() function;
  • Update albumUpload() function;
  • Highlight: Update create() and edit() functions;
  • Internal: Update configureTimelineAlbum();
  • Internal: Update configureSinglePhoto();
  • Update liveBroadcast example and model;
  • Hashtag: Update getSection();
  • Shopping: Update getOnTagProductInfo();
  • Shopping: update getCatalogItems().

Thanks for all GitHub API team and @mgp25 for sharing new updates, fixes and improvements.


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  • Really easy implementation, because all hard work we already did in the back-end
  • Modified files for Nextpost Instagram API
  • Compatibility with Nextpost 4.0 and higher
  • Compatibility with Nextpost Tag User Module (by