Digital Tutorial: Create your own proxy server with 3proxy


  • Fresh & Dedicated, Your own IPv4 proxies
  • Work with Nextpost and others services
  • Password protection
  • Compatible with Proxy Manager Module


For creating our own proxy-server with 3proxy we need:

1. Cheap local VPS/VDS with adding multiple IP functions;
2. Already Installed Debian GNU/Linux (ver. 7 to 9) or Ubuntu (ver. 14.04 to 18.04) any bit (32/64 bit). Instruction for Ubuntu installation you can found here.

For example, DigitalOcean doesn’t allow you to use multiple public IPv4 addresses (only 1 IP per droplet). That’s not cheap every time create a new droplet for new IP. We need another VDS/VPS provider that supports the function for adding multiple public IPv4 IPs. If you agree to pay $5 monthly for DigitalOcean proxy-server per every IP, you can use DigitalOcean.

Also, check the provider manual, some providers don’t allow to use of proxy-server on OpenVZ virtualization and allow the only KVM.


Version 1.1

- FIX: Syntaxis for 3proxy commands

Version 1.0

- Initial release 🚀


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  • Password protection
  • Work with Nextpost and others services 
  • Fresh & Dedicated, Your own
  • No re-login problem